Terms of use

All depictions of real estate in the Pradiareň 1900 project, its parts, or offices are illustrative only. This depiction of the project or any part of it, or together with any information provided regarding residential and non-residential premises in the project, is not an offer to conclude any legal proceedings, nor a promise or commitment to conclude such legal proceedings. The visual appearance of the entire building as well as any part of it and the materials or products used may differ from the depiction of the project on these websites. The project can be gradually specified or changed within the contractual documentation concluded with interested parties.

In the event of a dispute with consumers, the Slovak Trade Inspection or another entity authorized by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic will handle the out-of-court settlement of these disputes.

Tenant portal - Log in

If you have not received the necessary data to log into the tenant portal, please contact the building’s administration.