Blocks lockers are located in the lobby opposite the entrance to the left of the reception. You can have your package delivered to these boxes by couriers (most courier companies already have the option of choosing to deliver to a box), or you can leave your package for someone else.

Operation is very simple and intuitive:

How to have your parcel delivered?

In the order form on any e-shop:

  • type "Blocks" in front of your name
  • enter your phone number
  • the address of our building

In the note next to your order, mention delivery to the Blocks dispenser in our building.

Immediately after delivery, you will receive a text message/notification with a PIN/QR code for pick up.

How do I hand things over to a colleague?

  • On the Blocks screen, select "Deposit".
  • Enter the recipient's phone number.
  • Select a box size and save the shipment.
  • The recipient will receive a message with an access code.

How do I save my personal items?

  • On the Blocks screen, select "Deposit."
  • Enter your phone number.

How do I pick up a parcel?

  • On the Blocks screen, select "Pick up".
  • Enter the PIN you received in the SMS or scan the QR code from the app.
Tenant portal - Log in

If you have not received the necessary data to log into the tenant portal, please contact the building’s administration.